The long tradition of apple growing is again flourishing at Megginch Castle which is home to two national heritage collections, one of Scottish apples and Pears and the other of Cider apples.

With over 380 Cider Apple varieties and 40 Scottish Apple and Pear varieties the Megginch orchard is a magical place in Spring, with the hum of happy bees busy pollinating the sea of apple, pear and plum blossom.

Come the autumn, the orchard is a busy place with TrevorTheHorse mowing grass, fruit needing picked, cider and juice to be drunk.

Megginch, Castle of Dreams

Summer is time for the hens and chickens, geese and goslings to grow and scratch about in the lush orchid-strewn meadow.

Reflection and pruning are for the winter months, when forms and patterns of branches and frost are visible.

Megginch Castle